What We Do



Interactive systems engage the audience, and optimise learning and retention. Such systems also deliver services and information quickly and efficiently. The right systems make events more interesting, and maximise profits while minimising costs for businesses.

We design, develop and maintain:

  • Static and Dynamic Websites
  • Interactive Educational Games
  • Augmented Reality¬† (AR) Apps
  • Virtual Reality (VR) Apps
  • Online and Automated Registration Systems
  • Multimedia Displays and Animation
  • Interactive Exhibits
  • Video Editing



The right designs, marketing communication tools and collaterals can elevate a business, campaign or event to greater heights.We work closely with our clients to conceptualise and design:

  • Marketing Campaign Materials
  • Event Branding, Hardsets & Collaterals
  • Logos
  • Publications



There is nothing quite as effective as an immersive event to ensure that the message is remembered. Events create an experience that is hard to replicate through other mediums. The ability to allow the target audience to see, hear, touch, feel and smell, and create opportunities for people to connect, network and exchange knowledge is unparalleled.We have a team of event experts who handle:

  • Conferences, Seminars and Symposia
  • Interactive Exhibitions
  • Award Ceremonies
  • Formal Dinners & Receptions
  • Roadshows
  • Virtual Events