Virtual Events

Move your physical events online to beat the virus!

Just because most people are working at home and physical events must be cancelled, it doesn’t mean that your event can’t go on.

We can help you move your events online.

Here’s how:

One-to-many (Video conferencing)

One to Many (Video Conferencing)

From a venue with a nice backdrop and a camera crew (just like a TV studio), the speaker and panellists can broadcast to a large audience, all in the safety of their private spaces. All the attendees need is a laptop and an internet connection.

Satellite venues

Satellite Venues

The attendees can be split to several satellite venues to ensure that at any venue, only a small group is present. The speaker will speak from one venue, with a small audience, while the rest will watch it through live video streaming.

Two-way interaction

Two Way Interaction

The speaker and the audience can interact through video as well as text Q&A and polling apps.

Apart for those solutions, the virtual event can be enhanced further with the following features:

  • Virtual Exhibitions
  • Online Attendee Networking
  • Interactive Activities and Quizzes
  • Virtual Awards Ceremony

Our team at Hydse can also take care of the registration, administrative matters, coordination, helpdesk, and everything else that’s needed for you to have a successful virtual event.