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Top 5 Event Marketing Strategies that Drive Attendance - Hydse

Top 5 Event Marketing Strategies that Drive Attendance


Event marketing is crucial for promoting your event and getting people through the door. But with so many options out there, which strategies provide the best return on investment? After planning hundreds of successful events, we’ve identified the top 5 marketing tactics that consistently drive high attendance. In this blog post, we’ll explore email campaigns, social media, cross-promotions, paid advertising, and media outreach – complete with examples and best practices.

Email Marketing 

Email is still one of the most effective and affordable ways to promote your event directly to your contact list. The key is creating compelling subject lines, eye-catching designs, and content that motivates recipients to click. Include early bird registration details, speaker highlights, and a clear call-to-action button. Send a series of emails leading up to the event to keep it top of mind. Test different subject lines A/B to see which perform best. And don’t forget to follow up post-event with recaps and photos to thank attendees.

Social Media

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social platforms allow you to extend your reach beyond your email list. Post engaging visual and text-based content daily in the months and weeks leading up to your event. Highlight speakers, agenda details, venue info – and don’t forget to include hashtags so people can find your posts. Promote early bird discounts and run contests/giveaways for extra exposure. Go live on event day to share behind-the-scenes moments. Analyze metrics to see which platforms and post types drive the most engagement.


Partner with related organizations and influencers in your industry or local community to promote each other’s events. This expands your combined audiences at no additional cost. Provide them with branded graphics, descriptions and registration links to share on their own websites and newsletters. And be sure to return the favor by promoting their upcoming events to your contacts as well. Cross-promotions increase awareness while strengthening your collaborative relationships.

Paid Advertising

Strategically placed paid social media ads or Google search ads can significantly boost attendance by targeting likely attendees. Start small and test different ad creative, copy and budgets to see what resonates most. Retarget website visitors with reminder ads too. For larger events, consider local radio, print or online ads. The key is tracking ROI – pause low-performing ads and reallocate funds to what’s working best. With testing and optimization, paid can deliver high returns by putting your event in front of new potential attendees.

Media Outreach 

Getting local media coverage in newspapers, magazines, blogs and radio stations spreads brand awareness far beyond your own marketing channels. Send detailed press releases highlighting unique speaker lineups, industry-relevant topics, or community impact. Follow up personally with targeted reporters and influencers. Offer to arrange interviews with featured speakers as well. Once secured, promote featured articles across your own social platforms. Media placements lend third-party credibility and bring new attendees who discover your event through news coverage.


In summary, email, social media, cross-promotions, paid advertising and media outreach are the top five event marketing strategies proven to drive attendance when implemented strategically. Track metrics at each stage to optimize efforts and reallocate funds to top performers as your event date approaches. With the right mix of these tactics, you’ll gain invaluable new leads and fill more seats – ensuring your event is a success.

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