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Virtual Event Platform


The virtual event sector has seen a dramatic increase in the number of events when brands and organizations began using the virtual route to conduct events. This occurred for a variety of reasons. The most important benefit was that it allowed guests to attend the event from the comfort of their own homes. In order to attend a regular event, the audience must purchase and secure tickets in advance. On the other hand, it also advised the event hosts to book lodging and make other essential arrangements ahead of time in order to provide a positive experience for the audience. These arrangements, on the other hand, are both expensive and time demanding. These issues are solved by holding a virtual event, which does not necessitate any additional work.

Despite the benefits of virtual events, digital marketers must choose the best platform for them to take place. How do corporations successfully assess virtual event platforms is now the question. With so many alternatives accessible to event planners, finding one that delivers without compromising is both difficult and time-consuming. We developed these 5 crucial parameters to simplify the weeding-out process and identify a really well-equipped service. The virtual event platform must be chosen carefully, which is why we have compiled a list of the top 5 elements to consider while looking for the ideal virtual platform in this article.

Things to note when selecting a virtual events platform

Features that aid in achieving your event’s objectives

The first question you should ask yourself while looking for the ideal virtual event platform is what your event’s aims are. Spend some time thinking about why you’re holding the event. A businessman with a red dart pushes the target. Goals for business strategy planning success, Concept for business development. Is one of your goals to obtain more followers? Are you about to launch a brand new product or service? Is the event intended to boost conversions? Is the event being held to generate funds for a good cause? Start with a goal, no matter what sort of event you’re planning. It’ll serve as a continual reminder of the steps you need to take to bring your business ahead. Once you’ve answered these questions, you’ll need to consider the platform’s primary features and whether or not they meet the needs of your event.

User-friendly platform

Once your objectives have been established and you are properly prepared, you must choose a platform that is simple to use and understand. Your audience may become confused and upset if the directions are not clear, and they may decide to skip your event. You should also ensure that the platform has a basic and appealing design. This is dependent on the type of your event and its general tone. If your event is for a younger audience and has a dynamic mood, choose a platform that is vivid and colorful. If your event is formal and a corporate event, you’ll want to choose a platform that is simple and not too bright. In both circumstances, you must select a user-friendly platform.

Supports a social wall

The value of audience interaction, especially during a virtual event, cannot be overstated. You’ll need an engaging tool to increase your audience’s engagement and participation, and a social wall is your best chance. The use of a social wall to boost audience participation is quite effective. When choosing a platform, make sure it supports the social wall and has an integration with it. Incorporating a social wall into a virtual event can pique your audience’s interest and please them. You may encourage your audience to produce and upload material on their social media accounts using a certain hashtag, and the content can then be gathered and presented in the form of a social media wall using a social media aggregator. Such activities will increase your audience’s involvement in the event and help you make it a tremendous success.

Provides insightful analytics

The success of your event is heavily reliant on analytics. Make sure you use a platform that provides extensive data both during and after the event to assist you figure out what areas need to be improved for your future event. Other important elements include the event’s overall impressions, as well as a behavioral study of your audience and how they are reacting to your event.

Easy registration process

When it comes to virtual events, you must make the registration procedure as simple as possible for the attendees. Rather than forcing customers to visit a different website to fulfil the requirements, use a platform that allows them to register quickly and easily. Before, during, and after the event, you’ll need to interact with your attendees. How does your platform manage email communications leading up to an event, such as sending event reminders or login credentials? Can you make general announcements to all attendees or opt to talk privately with particular persons during the event? How do you communicate with attendees after the event? Your audience will appreciate a quick, straightforward, and easy manner to register for the event, and they will look forward to it.


Because of their growing popularity and tremendous benefits, virtual events have earned a position in the event business, and today every event marketer and host desires to host one. To get the most benefits, however, it is critical to find and choose the ideal virtual event platform. Even seemingly simple tasks, such as selecting a virtual event platform, might necessitate a unique strategy and be time-consuming. However, if you stick to the appropriate strategy, you’ll be pleased with the ultimate outcome and feedback. We’ve come to the conclusion of the article, and you now know what to look for and think about while shortlisting platforms. Consider these factors while choosing a platform, and you’ll see a difference at your next event!



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